Gio Nieves

A career in beauty and fashion for 20 years is a significant achievement. During this time, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in both the fashion and beauty industry, working with a variety of clients and brands.

I have worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist, providing services to clients in salons and on sets for photo shoots, fashion shows, or films. I have coached and trained models for major shows as well as major photoshoots. It has helped me develop a new level of expertise in makeup application and hair styling, which helped me in keeping up with trends and new techniques to ensure my clients receive the best possible service.

I have worked as a stylist, fashion designer, and fashion editor in the fashion industry, creating or curating looks for photo shoots, runway shows, or editorial spreads. It has helped me develop an eye for fashion trends and an understanding of how to create visually stunning outfits that capture the essence of a brand or concept.

I have built a strong network of industry contacts throughout my career and developed a reputation for excellence in my field.