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Orlando International Fashion Week

Orlando Fashion Week

Fierce Entertainment has been the producer of Orlando International Fashion Week, which has its origins traced back to as early as 2013. The event’s name was officially trademarked in 2015, solidifying its brand identity. Additionally, in 2021, Orlando International Fashion Week was formally established as a 501(c)(3) organization, highlighting its non-profit status.

Founding Orlando International Fashion Week

In April 2014, siblings Robert and Jessica Henlon and their close friend Starr Dalton founded Orlando International Fashion Week, also known as Orlando Fashion Week. At the time, Robert and Jessica were business partners in “Ready Inc.” specializing in graphics, web design, and social media marketing.

Involvement in the Fashion Industry

Ready Inc., initially providing promotional and marketing services to small businesses, entered the fashion industry when approached to assist a local fashion design student with an ambitious fashion show in Downtown Orlando. Robert and Jessica immersed themselves in the local fashion scene, attending multiple events to understand the unique request better. They discovered a lack of awareness among talented designers, models, and artists about other fashion events in the area.

Uniting the Local Fashion Scene

While attending one of the last events, Robert and Jessica met Starr Dalton, who had extensive connections and knowledge of various fashion events and participants. Starr volunteered as a model for the student show. The combined efforts of the student’s vision, Ready Inc.’s marketing and networking, and dedicated volunteers led to the event’s success. Inspired by this achievement, Robert, Jessica, and Starr created Florida Fashion Weekend—a two-day event aimed at uniting and providing greater exposure to the local fashion scene. The success of these events fueled increased demand from fashion designers seeking assistance. This recognition led to the establishment of Fierce Entertainment Management, a company offering consultation, production services, and social media marketing while producing their own events. Orlando International Fashion Week became the first event produced by Fierce Entertainment, representing a significant milestone in the organization’s history.

“Orlando International Fashion Week,” AKA “Orlando Fashion Week,” was created to showcase the talented Designers, Models, and Hair & Makeup Artists and to celebrate Central Florida’s diversity while embracing visiting designers from other states and countries. We believe high fashion should not be limited by size, race, gender, age, or physical ability. To highlight this belief, we present different fashion shows during the week to ensure that participating Designers showcase their clothing in front of an audience that is most beneficial to them. In our shows, Guests are presented with an experience that includes performances and visual arts. #OIFW #OFW


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    Orlando International Fashion Week, AKA Orlando Fashion Week, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.