Liz Sheppard

Liz Sheppard Joins Orlando International Fashion Week’s Advocate

Orlando International Fashion Week is thrilled to welcome the esteemed Liz Sheppard to the Orlando International Fashion Week as an Advocate! Hailing from Winter Park, Florida, Liz is the proud proprietor of not just one, but two distinctive retail stores on the fashionable Park Avenue: Bebe’s & Liz’s.

For an impressive span of 38 years, Liz has been an unstoppable trailblazer in the realm of specialty retail. Her stores have been the go-to destinations for affordable high-end women’s designer fashions and cutting-edge clothing for the young ones, captivating a diverse clientele. Her dedication and resilience in the face of economic challenges and the ever-changing retail landscape are truly remarkable.

Liz’s impact on the community is immeasurable, as evidenced by the admiration and respect she garners from friends, customers, and local legends alike. Jacqueline Siegel, fondly known as “The Queen of Versailles,” is among her long-time admirers, relying on Liz’s expertise for her fashion choices and dressing her children in the amazing one-of-a-kind clothes Liz offers.

Sharie Eldrige Shy, a cherished friend, describes Liz as a fashion maven and a warm-hearted individual always ready to offer support and friendship. Her influence extends beyond fashion, as she is credited with raising the brand of Winter Park and creating a welcoming space in her store, which Shirley Stamper, another local legend and small business owner, finds truly remarkable.

As a pageant judge, Burma Posey, Miss Georgia 1968, recognizes Liz’s significant contribution to the Central Florida community. Liz’s store has become a cherished destination for families, and her glamorous fashion shows are highly anticipated events.

Despite personal challenges, Liz’s unwavering faith in God has guided her to serve others and make a positive impact on the lives of those around her. She is not only a savvy businesswoman but also a compassionate soul, opening her heart and gorgeous home to host special events for various individuals and organizations.

In the eyes of Winter Park’s beloved figure, Jim Veigle, Liz has been the heart of the city for decades, and many view her as an icon and an inspiration for women in business seeking guidance and success.

Liz Sheppard’s legacy in the business world is a shining testament to her class, business acumen, and profound love for her community. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to making a difference are appreciated and admired by all. Congratulations, Liz Sheppard, on joining the Orlando International Fashion Week Advisory Board! We are honored to have you on our team.

Source: Randy Ross, Florida National News | FNN

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