Nayrouz Olarte

In January 2023, Nayrouz Olarte was carefully selected by the esteemed board of Orlando International Fashion Week to serve as its Executive Director. Drawing upon her Lebanese heritage and influenced by her husband’s Colombian roots, Nayrouz brings a vibrant and diverse perspective to our organization.

As a successful Restauranteur and the visionary founder of HER Foundation, Nayrouz’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. She has dedicated herself to empowering women entrepreneurs through education and comprehensive business support. Her unwavering passion for nurturing the next generation of creative talents resonates deeply with her firsthand experiences of embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Nayrouz’s trailblazing spirit and commitment to inclusivity have positioned her as a beacon of inspiration in the business community. Under her dynamic leadership, Orlando International Fashion Week is poised to showcase emerging designers who represent the rich tapestry of cultural influences that thrive in our diverse city.

With her deep understanding of the value of diversity and her relentless drive to uplift others, Nayrouz Olarte is leading Orlando International Fashion Week toward a future that embraces and celebrates the beauty of all backgrounds. We are honored to have Nayrouz at the helm of our organization, guiding us toward new horizons in the world of fashion.