Omayra La Bella

Orlando International Fashion Week’s Board of Directors is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Omayra, the newest member to grace our esteemed Advisory Board. Omayra La Bella stands as a renowned entrepreneur and business professional, adorned with a remarkable list of accomplishments. With grace and distinction, she has earned recognition as a beauty pageant champion, an international model, a dedicated influencer, and a specialist in brand marketing. Among her crowning achievements, Omayra secured the prestigious titles of Ms. Mundo Latina USA for the years 2019 to 2021 and Ms. Moda Universe International in 2021. Her active involvement within the business community is exemplified by her role as Chair of the Ambassadors for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando, where she also holds a board position. Moreover, Omayra’s benevolent spirit shines through her commitment as a board member for the Non-Pareil Institute Orlando, an institution devoted to supporting young adults with autism. Omayra’s impact stretches beyond business circles; she was named among the top ten women for the 2020 Spotlight Award, recognized for her transformative contributions to the Hispanic Community of Central Florida. Her remarkable influence was further celebrated on International Women’s Day in both 2022 and 2023, as she received the esteemed “Latina Women of Impact” award from the Mujer Emprenda Latina Organization. The media has also embraced Omayra’s inspiring presence, as evidenced by her exclusive feature on Orlando’s Channel 9 – Eyewitness News during the Hispanic Heritage Month series in 2022. Adding to her accolades, Omayra was honored by Orlando Style Magazine as one of the distinguished Men & Women of the Year, a recognition featured in the magazine’s special end-of-year Holiday issue for 2022. Omayra, a visionary entrepreneur, holds the reins as CEO of “Omayra La Bella, LLC,” a testament to her prowess in the world of social media influence and brand marketing. With a keen focus on wellness, beauty, and fashion, she adeptly utilizes her platform to promote businesses and concepts close to her heart. A luminary in her own right, Omayra has graced numerous events as a guest judge for beauty pageants and modeling competitions, in addition to emceeing for events ranging from local governance to fashion extravaganzas. As a beacon of empowerment and self-esteem, Omayra’s transformative influence shines through her role as a motivator, coach, and advocate for women’s empowerment. Notably, she is the driving force behind “INNATA – Inspired by Omayra La Bella,” a natural skincare line that seamlessly blends science and nature to deliver groundbreaking formulations. Omayra’s star transcends boundaries, as demonstrated by her collaborations with designers worldwide as an internationally renowned freelance model. From the vibrant landscapes of the Caribbean to the heart of Europe, Omayra has graced runways and magazines with her captivating presence. Her role as a seasoned runway model for New York’s Fashion Week and an Inaugural / VIP model showcases her versatility and charisma. The pinnacle of her modeling journey saw her standing as the face of billboards in New York City’s iconic Times Square in both 2021 and 2022. Remarkably, she walked the hallowed halls of the United Nations as a model for distinguished Indian designer Prashant Goyal and graced the illustrious Paris Fashion Week stage as a VIP model in 2022. Beyond her remarkable achievements, Omayra is a cherished wife, devoted mother to three beautiful daughters, and a proud grandmother. Their unwavering support has fueled her pursuit of excellence and accomplishment. With a zest for life, Omayra finds joy in traveling, the rhythms of Latin dance, and exploring culinary delights. In extending our warmest welcome, Orlando Fashion Week’s Board of Directors celebrates Omayra’s remarkable journey and eagerly anticipates the wisdom and insight she will bring to our Advisory Board. Her presence embodies the essence of innovation, resilience, and boundless inspiration.

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