Zeina Zebian

Zeina Zebian’s artistic journey is an intricate tapestry woven with her fervent passion for fashion, art, creative vision, and spiritual exploration. Rooted in Dubai and influenced by summers spent in Vienna, her Lebanese heritage and exposure to European art ignited a profound sense of creativity within her.

Zeina pursued a BA in Marketing and Advertising with a minor in fashion design. She had a successful career with renowned companies like Grey and BBDO/OMD, as Senior Media Planner for the Middle East and Northern Africa regions. Alongside her professional endeavors, her adventurous spirit led her to thrilling experiences of traveling the world alongside her husband Tarek, leading them to live in New Zealand, where they joyfully embraced parenthood.

In the year 2000, Zeina embarked on a profound spiritual odyssey, delving into modalities such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, and different techniques of Breathwork. Championing holistic healing, she founded her practice “Art of Joy & SelfLove” in the US, emphasizing her expertise in specialized attributes, including clearing subconscious programming, engaging in shadow work, and addressing generational patterns.

Fueled by her lifelong passion for shoes, Zeina pursued courses in shoe design at London College of Fashion and ESMOD. She ventured into crafting exquisite sculptural Art Shoes symbolizing various stages of her life and spiritual evolution. Today, she seamlessly intertwines her spiritual exploration with entrepreneurial endeavors, channeling her creativity into surreal art sculptures and innovative bespoke shoe designs. With an enduring love for fashion, Zeina immersed herself in the Fashion world, gracing prestigious shows in Paris and Dubai. A highlight of her journey was a private dinner at Coco Chanel’s apartment in Rue Cambon Paris. It was a memorable experience that signified the deep connection between art, history, poetry, and the essence of fashion as means of an individual expression.

Poised for a new chapter, Zeina moved to the US and made Orlando her new home. She is committed to infusing her creations with elements of art, design, and spirituality, seeking to foster unity and immersing in cross-cultural dialogue. To her, fashion transcends mere aesthetics; it serves as a powerful medium for self-discovery and authentic expression, as encapsulated in her inspiring quote: “Self-discovery is an ongoing process of creation, and through fashion, you express your authentic self, uniqueness, and individuality.”