Starr Dalton

Starr Dalton, the VP/Talent Director for Fierce Entertainment Management, is a fashion, design, art, modeling, and branding powerhouse. As a co-founder and board member of Orlando International Fashion Week (OIFW), also known as Orlando International Fashion Week, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s landscape. With a keen eye for fashion and design honed over a decade, Starr brings a unique touch of creativity and aesthetic understanding, influenced by her background in interior design.

Her expertise in visual composition allows her to create captivating concepts that leave a lasting impression. Starr has a deep understanding of design and shares her knowledge through blogging, establishing herself as a trusted authority in the field. Her influential platform provides insights into fashion, style tips, and industry trends.

Starr’s experience in modeling and model training has provided her with skills in posing, runway walking, and overall presentation. She seamlessly collaborates with photographers and designers, understanding the demands of different types of shoots and bringing their visions to life. Additionally, her impeccable sense of fashion shines through in her talent for apparel styling. She effortlessly selects and coordinates outfits and accessories to create visually cohesive looks that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Beyond her impressive skill set, Starr also excels in pageant judging, evaluating contestants based on poise, stage presence, fashion choices, and overall presentation. She ensures that the most deserving individuals receive recognition, drawing on her comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Starr’s organizational prowess is evident in her event coordination abilities. With a knack for planning fashion shows and exhibitions, she flawlessly manages all aspects of these events, from talent direction to scheduling and logistics. Every detail is meticulously executed under her guidance.

Moreover, Starr passionately advocates diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry. She actively promotes opportunities for underrepresented groups and supports initiatives that foster a more inclusive and equitable industry landscape. Her dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive space sets her apart as a true leader and role model.

Starr’s wide-ranging skills and expertise in fashion, design, art, modeling, model training, branding, and social media management make her an invaluable asset to Orlando International Fashion Week. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion further elevates her status as a dynamic force in the industry.