Eric Williams

Eric Williams is the prodigious Admissions Manager of the Aveda Institute in Winter Park, Florida, where every day he “strives to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” He has the honor of enrolling in the best Orlando has to offer when it comes to cosmetology, esthiology, barbering, and massage therapy. With his warm-hearted nature and educational background in entertainment management, Eric aids his students and staff to be bold, fierce, and fashionable. 

Often described as regal and chic, Eric adores the fashion industry and has always given his expert advice on new fashion trends. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he ensured to read articles and take extra classes in anything related to fashion. When it comes to clothing, Eric wholeheartedly believes that clothing does not make a person, but the person makes the clothes.  Thus Eric teaches everyone to be confident in the way they speak and strut and that it is paramount to push beyond their limitations. 

Author of “Uhuru,” Eric is a dedicated writer whose teaching philosophy is to help students learn to tell their own stories and be confident in who they are. Completing his Master of Arts in English with a track in Rhetoric and Composition, he brings a wealth of knowledge in communicating ideas in a variety of formats.  

With his experience in education and fashion, Eric will bring a new creative perspective. A perspective that will aid his fellow colleagues in setting a precedent and furthering the mission of showcasing fashion and style. 

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