Giving Tuesday: Support Orlando International Fashion Week’s Mission and Causes!

OIFW is a beacon for diversity, inclusion, and the vibrant tapestry of Central Florida’s culture. We are committed to promoting talent, fostering creativity, and creating a platform where every voice is heard.

This Giving Tuesday, join us in making a positive impact through the power of fashion, art, and community. Orlando International Fashion Week (OIFW) is not just a celebration of style; it’s a movement for change.

Our Mission:  To enhance international tourism to Florida through entertainment and education while enriching all aspects of the fashion industry while highlighting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

🌍 Our Causes:  This Giving Tuesday, your contribution supports two significant causes.

Locally, we’re empowering the beauty industry’s future by providing scholarships for students at Aveda Institute Orlando.

Internationally, we’re shining a spotlight on artisans in Santa Marta Magdalena, Colombia, creating opportunities and safe working environments.

🤝 How You Can Help: Your generosity can make a difference! Whether big or small, your donation supports our mission and causes. Visit our donation link and be a part of a movement that transcends fashion—a movement that uplifts, empowers, and brings positive change.

Let’s create a ripple effect of compassion and creativity. Together, we can make Giving Tuesday a day of impact and inspiration.

Thank you for being a crucial part of the OIFW community!

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