Felina Martin

Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Wednesday, November 1st, Fashion and Art Hits Orlando City Hall

Launched in January 2023, Pamoja na is artwear with a message is unity, inclusion, and diversity in communities. In Swahili, the word Pamoja na means together, inclusion. My artistic impression of inclusivity and divide among humans inspires the fashion experience of the brand. The vivid colors represent our various cultures, genders, ages, races, religions, and lifestyles that create unsurmountable beauty when blended together in a harmonious flow. The fashion line is a delayed dream by the founder, Felina Martin, who, as a little girl, always wanted to be a fashion designer and artist. After decades of allowing the dream to be dormant and the trauma of losing a job, Felina created a work of art called Diversity Chattanooga. This work of art fueled the creation of the “Diversity Chattanooga” collection, in which the original art is transferred onto fabric and sewn on a select assortment of clothing and accessories. Each garment is cut, printed, and sewn to order for the customer. In April 2023, the inspirational painting was sold to a private collector, making the artwear even more valuable.

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