Teens Go Green by Charisma Tran

Charisma Tran

Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Saturday, November 4th, OIFW Kids and Teens Show at The Castle Hotel Autograph Collection

Teens Go Green, founded by Elizabeth Tran in 2010, is on a mission to promote minimal waste practices through innovative means, including trash fashion shows, environmental service events, speaking engagements, and more.

Charisma Tran, the youngest member of the board of directors and a vital part of the Fierce Kids, has harbored a deep passion for fashion and an unwavering commitment to our planet’s well-being since her early years. Her journey into eco-fashion commenced at the tender age of 4, when she began crafting sustainable designs that pushed the boundaries of creativity.

As one of the driving force behind ‘Teens Go Green,’ Charisma serves as a tireless advocate for eco-conscious practices. Her initiatives transcend traditional fashion, encompassing captivating trash fashion shows and impactful environmental service events. These efforts include tree mapping, storm drain labeling, and beach cleanups.

Charisma’s eco-friendly fashion creations have not only garnered admiration but have also earned recognition on a national scale. Her pioneering work has been featured at Megacon and on the TLC reality show, where her designs seamlessly blended style and sustainability. Her remarkable journey in the world of eco-fashion continues to make a lasting impact on the industry, inspiring a greener and more sustainable future for all.

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