Melanie Caballero

Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Saturday, November 4th, OIFW Kids and Teens Show at The Castle Hotel Autograph Collection

Saturday, November 4th, Fashion Night Out at The Castle Hotel Autograph Collection

Designer Melanie Caballero is a proud native of the Dominican Republic, where she spent her early childhood making memories with her loving family that she holds dear to her heart. At an early age, Melanie Caballero always knew that her love for fashion would take her far, and she was committed to working on her gift of learning from the many honorable ladies in her family, where she was introduced to design and fashion. To make her talent official, she enhanced what she had already learned by attending the Puerto Rico World University for Fashion Design, where she learned how to take her skills to another level! At the age of 22, this proud Latino started her business and has not
looked back yet. It’s safe to say that Melanie Caballero is one hard-working machine who prides herself on her work ethic to continue to work on areas of growth while enhancing her signature traits that make her style so original and unique.

Her love for art and music is not hard to notice; in each show she presents, she shares a snippet of who she is and what drives her inspiration as an artist. Melanie has been blessed to present in NYFW for 5 years consecutively, along with many other fashion shows across the country. She is humbled by every opportunity she gets to share with the world her creative style, as you are promised to have some timeless Victorian characteristics sown into every exquisite detail. She is surrounded by love and support from her entire family and friends, which puts a smile on her face any day! Through the years, she has been blessed to meet so many beautiful models with whom she has impacted their lives in some way or fashion, and for that, she is forever grateful.

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