Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Sunday, November 5th, Runway Show at Eola View: 150 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL

The Brand
“We don’t make dresses for just one type of woman; we make them for every woman”- Julie DuRocher.
Founded in 1983, JOVANI Fashion Ltd. has continued to be a fashion leader worldwide. Now entering its 40th year of business, the brand has expanded to include over nine collections in over 2,000 domestic and international stores, including Neiman Marcus and Harrods.
JOVANI continues to be a brand that is not only accessible but is also a favorite for celebrities and influencers, TV/movie productions, and more. From Kansas to Dubai, JOVANI makes an impact that will provide you with fantastic quality & style and continue to be a brand that works for all special events in your life.

Jovani Fashion’s story began in 1983 with the vision of Jacob Maslavi in the vibrant city of New York. What started as a humble 10-person operation soon became an extraordinary journey of creativity, elegance, and beauty.

With an unwavering commitment to design excellence, Jovani quickly gained recognition for its selection of exquisite fabrics and trimmings, combined with innovative cuts that accentuated the beauty of every woman. Our belief that fashion has the power to empower and transform led us to redefine what it means to be truly iconic.

Jovani Fashion soared to new heights as the years passed, becoming a top choice for celebrities and IT girls alike on Hollywood red carpets and New York City runways. Our designs graced the most prestigious events, captivating hearts with sophistication and timeless allure.
Through decades of success, we remained true to our mission – to empower women and add elegance and grace to every special occasion. Our visionary designers continued to evolve, meeting and exceeding the ever-changing tastes of our discerning customers.

Today, Jovani Fashion symbolizes enduring elegance, luxurious craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. Whether our designs are worn by beloved celebrities or cherished by loyal customers who love the brand, each Jovani piece is crafted with unmatched skill and precision.
We invite you to be a part of our story, where every moment is transformed into a magical memory with Jovani Fashion. Join us on this journey of celebrating womanhood and creating unforgettable experiences that make a difference.

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