Franchesca and Zivic

Franchesca and Zivic

Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Sunday, November 5th, Runway Show at Eola View: 150 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL

Born from the remarkable journey of Francy Rodriguez, an architect who ventured into the Television industry in Colombia with her wit, ultimately becoming the event coordinator for the RCN TV channel. However, her heart whispered a different calling, a more profound aspiration.

Driven by her true passion, Francy pursued studies in jewelry and embarked on a transformative journey to follow her dream in the USA. This dream swiftly soared to new heights, resulting in the establishment of the prestigious online jewelry company, Franchesca Jewels LLC, where Francy lovingly crafts exquisite pieces that reflect her boundless creativity.

In the pursuit of this dream, fate brought Francy the ideal partner for such an extraordinary endeavor. Geraldine Zivic, a renowned actress and model in Colombia with a career spanning over three decades, arrived in the USA with her breathtaking beauty, leaving behind a life of unparalleled success and fulfillment, ready to embrace the next chapter.

Time and space aligned perfectly for Francy and Geraldine to cross paths, and their meeting ignited a burst of joyful creativity that resonated deeply in the universe. Fueled by the spirit of their inner child, they began sketching drafts for a new artistic venture—an endeavor that promised to redefine the very essence of life and jewelry.

And thus, the perfect combination was born. We, as Franchesca and Zivic proudly stand as the embodiment of this remarkable partnership, where two exceptional entrepreneurs joined forces to embark on an extraordinary journey together. – FZ

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