Yama By His Grace

Colombian Artisans’ Accessories

Showcasing in Orlando International Fashion Week

Wednesday, November 1st, Fashion and Art Hits Orlando City Hall

Yama By His Grace brought light to the artisans of Colombia.

The artisans are a group of incredible single mothers who live in very poor conditions. With the help of Her foundation and the talent of designer Yama, they were able to help teach and expand on the artisans’ knowledge and love for design.

The collection you are about to see is designed by Yama by His Grace and hand-crafted by the artisans of Colombia. Each piece is made from Natural materials from sustainable sources, such as banana and coconut plant fibers, and is used by local artisans to produce exclusive curated one-of-a-kind pieces.

Today, she  launches her Exclusive Collection:  Fiber Black & White

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