International Designers + International Models = Orlando International Fashion Week Model Casting Success! Where Dreams take Flight on the Runway

Recap of the Iconic Events at ICON Park

Orlando, FL – September 23, 2023– On a sunlit Saturday morning, the iconic ICON Park came alive with the glamour and style that only Orlando International Fashion Week could bring. The occasion? The official Model Casting, a momentous event that drew hundreds of aspiring models, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts from across the region. The day was a true celebration of diversity, creativity, and the magic of the fashion industry.

A Glittering Affair at ICON Park

From 10 AM to 2 PM, the private Sky Lounge in the Wheelhouse at ICON Park transformed into a runway haven. Models from near and far, including Cocoa Beach, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Atlanta, descended upon the venue, bringing with them a rich tapestry of styles, backgrounds, and dreams. It was a testament to Orlando International Fashion Week’s mission to support tourism and the arts in Central Florida as participants journeyed to the heart of Orlando to showcase their talents.

Walk of Dreams: Models Strut Their Stuff

The casting event was split into two sessions, with the first casting held on Saturday, August 26th, at Brother Jimmy’s Restaurant’s private event space and the second on Saturday, September 23rd, at ICON Park. The sky lounge provided an intimate and luxurious setting for models to showcase their skills in front of a panel of esteemed Advisory Board Members and designers. Each model had their moment to shine on the runway, displaying their unique style and flair.

The grand finale of each model’s walk truly set this casting apart. As they gracefully glided down the runway, they were greeted by a group of photographers, creating a paparazzi-like experience. Flashbulbs illuminated the sky lounge as models posed, ensuring their moments were captured in all their glory. It was a taste of what’s to come during Orlando International Fashion Week, where these models will take center stage.

Orlando International Fashion Week: Where Dreams Take Flight

Fashion Week is more than just a fashion event; it’s a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the boundless possibilities of the fashion industry. With the model casting at ICON Park, the stage is set for a week of unforgettable runway shows, cutting-edge designs, and the magic of fashion.

As the fashion community eagerly awaits the main event, Orlando International Fashion Week, scheduled to take place from November 1st to 5th, the excitement is palpable. It promises to be a showcase of talent, innovation, and the spirit of Central Florida.

Join Us at Fashion Week

Orlando International Fashion Week is a testament to the power of fashion to bring people together, transcend boundaries, and inspire. With models from diverse backgrounds and cities converging in Orlando, it’s a testament to the event’s mission of supporting tourism and the arts in Central Florida.

Stay tuned for more updates as Orlando International Fashion Week approaches. The runway awaits, and Central Florida is ready to shine on the international stage. Orlando International Fashion Week: Where Dreams Take Flight.

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