Orlando International Fashion Week’s August Casting Call: A Triumph of Talent and Glamour

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Orlando, FL — A quest for Fashion ICONS to grace the runways of Orlando International Fashion Week took center stage on Saturday, August 26th, 2023, as an extraordinary casting call event unfolded at ICON Park. With the excitement of the upcoming Orlando International Fashion Week, scheduled from November 1st to 5th at various venues across Orlando, this casting call aimed to discover the stars who would shine the brightest on the runway.

Over 100 aspiring models and talents gathered at Icon Park, eager to impress the panel of discerning judges with their charisma, confidence, and flair. Orlando International Fashion Week promised an array of exceptional events, including a grand kickoff at Orlando City Hall, a Fashion Brunch with runway shows at the Citrus Club, and a networking event at Aloft Orlando Downtown, and . Partners such as Aveda Institute Orlando, the City of Orlando, and Porsche South Orlando added to the allure of this year’s event.

OFW casting 8.26.23, captures by professorxphotography

OFW casting 8.26.23, captures by professorxphotography

The casting call was a testament to the multifaceted talents of Orlando’s fashion community. As the models showcased their walk, some went above and beyond by showcasing their unique skills, from singing to dancing and even gymnastics. The panel of esteemed judges, including Nayrouz Olarte, CEO of Orlando International Fashion Week, President and Co-founder Rob Henlon, and Vice President and Co-founder Starr Dalton, along with Advisory Board members Rosana Tran, Camila Neira, and Chris Morales, had the challenging task of selecting the cream of the crop.

The event was about models and the collaborative spirit that fuels the Orlando fashion scene. Fierce Entertainment managed the registration table, ensuring a seamless flow throughout the day. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity as five talented photographers, including Brion Price of Bion Price Photography, Will Reese Photography, Courtney Del Tufo of Good 4 U Event Photography, Reuben Zuazua of Zeta Photography, and Max Austin, aka “Professor X,” of Pose by PX Photography captured every captivating moment.

The casting call also highlighted the power of teamwork, with a dedicated group of volunteers orchestrating the setup to perfection. Among the heartwarming moments was the reunion of four of the “Fierce Kids,” who had previously walked together in shows. Their reunion stood as a testament to the bonds that Orlando International Fashion Week forges within its community. Each model left an indelible mark, a testament to the diverse talents and personalities that make up Orlando’s vibrant fashion scene. With Orlando International Fashion Week’s November event just around the corner, the runway is set to come alive with these exceptional fashion icons, ready to light up the city with their unique styles and elegance.

If you missed this opportunity, be sure to attend the next Casting on September 23rd at ICON Park.

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